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Episode: FJ010 - Rocky Anderson: Return To Rule Of Law

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Rocky Anderson: Return to Rule of Law

Rocky Anderson, presidential candidate of the Justice Party, speaks about the return to the rule of law in this interview. Rocky explains how essential it is to make the right decisions and to act in a way that is best and to stand up against wrongdoing and say, “NO!”

He uses the famous play “Rhinoceros” by Eugene Ionesco to show the consequences of mindless conformity and to illustrate moral decision making.

In moral decision making there are “Wrongdoers”, “Bystanders” and “Upstanders”. Wrongdoers harm other people. They are the perpetrators. Bystanders accommodate wrongdoing. They don’t do anything to stand up against wrongdoing. Upstanders stand up, they don’t allow wrongdoing. They do everything to stop it, when it is seen.

“We should be out in the streets demanding a return to the core of our constitution; and a return to the rule of law,” explains Rocky. Passionate people pulling together, organizing at the grassroots level and not letting up is what is needed.

“We can commit to this, and work together, and organize. We can overthrow the dictatorship of the corrupting influence of money in our government.” Rocky makes it clear that the very wealthy are not paying their fair share.

Draw the line. Say, “No more. I won’t support candidates who do not support the rule of law; who do not prosecute for war crimes, for felonious wire tapping.” Draw the line on a president that does not support due process or the rule of law.

Support our nation and the interests of the American people, instead of allowing money to control the result.

People understand that their interests are being betrayed by those voted into office to represent our interests.

The interview was done by Kirk Oakes and Ed Silling at Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT) in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Tags: Rocky Anderson, Rule of Law, Moral, Ethical, Decision Making, Wrongdoers, Bystanders, Upstanders, Up-standers, War Crimes, Wire Tapping, Due Process, Corruption, Money, Government, Betray, Vote, Eugene Ionesco, Conformity, Bystanders, Harm, Perpetrators, Candidates

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