Show: 30 Odd Minutes

Episode: Mission 90 - The Union Screaming House with Steven LaChance

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In Mission 90 we explore what it’s like to live with an extreme haunting. In 2001, Steven LaChance and his three children moved into a quaint house in Union, Missouri… he would later learn that the hours was built on the ground of former slave quarters, that the neighbor across the street murdered his wife, that the land was cursed. In this mission you’ll hear the ordeal LaChance went through, plus see the photographic evidence of the haunting and hear some chilling EVP. LaChance’s story has been chronicled in the Discovery Channel show A Haunting: Fear House, and his book: The Uninvited: The True Story of the Union Screaming House. Dr. Dreck also stops by to help you haunt your own home, and don’t miss UFOs and the Titanic in the news!

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