Show: Analyzing the 1 Per Cent

Episode: 10: Analyzing the 1 Per Cent - The Third Way Enterprising

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Episode Description:

Analyzing the 1% - Program Nr.10:

a/ Taking our Lives Back – it’s up to us now.
b/ The aspect of OWS that is going well – the demonstrations that bring
social consciousness.
c/ The aspect that needs attention – organizing a parallel economy, a
parallel work force to that of the enslavement of the 1%.
d/ How the corruption of the corporate media prevents public awareness of
the Trilogical Enterprise working model solution.
e/ Excerpt of Dr. Norberto Keppe from STOP TV Program 245 – “ The
scientific formation of Analytical Trilogy, the successful unification of
science with philosophy and theology”.
f/ A description of the practical working mechanisms of the Trilogical
Company, neither Capitalist nor Socialist, but rather, the third way.
g/ Excerpt of Dr. Keppe from STOP TV Program 257 – “What elements of
society must be free of charge? – The Keppean Social Ideals.”
h/ OWS video clip of 400 guitarists marching through the streets of New
York in protest of the injustices perpetrated by the 1% singing “Whose
Side Are You On” among other cantus firmus chants.
g/ A call to the “sleeping tiger” generation to help the younger occupiers to
organize the self-owned Trilogical Companies.

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