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Graceful Aging: “Boomer Addiction”
Guest: Juan Harris, certified substance abuse counselor, The Hanley Center, Palm Beach, Florida
Filmed in Washington, D.C.

Substance abuse among the boomer generation is increasing at an alarming rate. Our show "Boomer Addiction" is a revealing look at addiction issues facing individuals, families, and friends. Juan Harris of the Hanley Center in Palm Beach Florida lends his surgeon-like skills to awareness and intervention techniques that can turn lives from havoc to joy.

How can you spot addictions? Is it obvious? Addiction issues can be noticed when individuals attempt to control their own misuse. In older adults, addiction problems can be masked by illnesses more common with aging. What are the signs to look for? Friends and families need to increase awareness of the signs of addiction says Juan Harris, an addiction counselor.

Is family the best place to turn to? Who can give me help? Where can you find someone to help? Choosing the right person to seek out help is a critical first step. How you raise the topic? What advice do you seek? All are equally critical elements. Juan Harris, a skilled addiction counselor, describes effective ways you can begin to handle an addiction problem.

Don’t addicts always deny their problem? How do you deal with it then? Approaching an addiction problem with older adults is a delicate process. Denial is part of the illness and forms an obstacle to communication. Overcoming this obstacle is the subject of Addiction Counselor Juan Harris' thoughtful techniques in this video.

Just say no, right? Just throw the booze and drugs out, right? Confronting addiction issues can make your blood boil. Emotional reactions linked to a good purpose of trying to help can lead to disastrous consequences. Juan Harris, an addiction counselor with the Hanley Center in Palm Beach, describes how good intentions can go astray and cause harm.

Addiction is touching an alarming number of individuals and families. The results can be devastating. Improve your chances to save your life or the life of someone who has a lot still to give.

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