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Episode: David Ray Griffin 2007 "9/11 Contradictions-Q&A"

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David Ray Griffin talks about his book ‘9/11 Contradictions: A Guide for Congress and the Press’.
Two parts. Part 1 (57 minutes) is the talk. Part 2 is the Q & A. (42 minutes)

He talks about 25 contradictions in the official 9/11 papers and gives solid issues that have yet to be resolved. He covers the five sections of the book:
1. Questions about Bush Administration and Pentagon Leaders
2. Questions about the US Military
3. Questions about Osama bin Laden and the Hijackers
4. Questions about the Pentagon
5. Questions about the World Trade Center

Film Date - Location: University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado
Film Publication Date: October 21, 2007
Broadcast Rights available: Yes
Tags: 911, 9/11, David Ray Griffin, Bush Administration, Pentagon Leaders, US Military, Osama bin Laden, Pentagon, World Trade Center

Category: Education
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