Show: Analyzing the 1 Per Cent

Episode: 14: Analyzing the 1 Per Cent - Analyzing the Mental Illness of Those Who Wield Social-Economic Power

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Analyzing the 1% - Program Nr. 14:
a/ Analytical Trilogy, the science that has successfully unified the sciences
with philosophy and theology.
b/ Analyzing the psychopathology (mental illness) of those who wield
social-economic power.
c/ The definition of Theomania.
d/ Short video clip interview/confrontation of Lord Jacob Rothschild by
the We Are Change independent media.
e/ Short video clip interview of David Rockefeller by Benjamin Fulford.
f/ Specifics that reveal why the economically powerful are entirely anti-
f/ Analysis of: The Dangers of Financing, Negative Effects of the Stock
Market, The Destructiveness of the Stock Markets, Why the Stock
Market is an Illusion, and Wall Street – the False Economy.
g/ Why usury (charging exorbitant interest on loans) must be prohibited.
h/ Why money speculation must be prohibited.
i/ The end of the stock market, a great day of celebration for all peoples.

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