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Episode: •hummux 2004  "Enlightenment is a Full Time Job"

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hummux 2004  "Enlightenment is a Full Time Job"

from "Towers of Deception" by Barrie Zwicker:

It's especially appropriate to consider the trajectory of the life of hummux.  Prior to his becoming, for ten years, a native guide in the wilderness, he helped design and harden intercontinental ballistic missiles and their silos. 

"My first real job was in vulnerability and survivability of Missile X," says the Ph.D. in physics, "even before it was named the Minuteman Missile."  He happily participated in underground tests in Nevada, thinking "this was my patriotic contribution to the Vietnam war effort" and ultimately participated in the Cold War, working on Star Wars (Strategic Defense Initiative).

 "When the Berlin Wall fell, I assumed the Cold War was over and got out of the business. But then they invented the War on Terror and i became an activist"

Tags:  Enlightenment, Jobs, Native Guide, Wilderness, Missile, Minuteman Missile, Underground Nuclear Tests, Cold War, Vietnam, Star Wars, 9/11

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