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Episode: Carol Brouillet 2004 “Behind Every Terrorist - There is a Bush”

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Carol Brouillet 2004 “Behind Every Terrorist - There is a Bush”

In 2004, the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance, under the guidance of long time activist, organizer and producer of this event, Carol Brouillet. presented this benefit concert for the San Francisco International 9/11 Inquiry, the first major Citizens Inquiry into the crimes of 9/11. Carol Brouillet’s Confessions of a 9/11 truth activist is her own true story, told with humor and containing the most damning revelations about 9-11 that the press has failed to headline.

In order to overcome fear and extreme censorship concerning the crime of the century, which has been used to justify 'endless war,' the organizers combined music, art, comedy, spoken word, and flash movies. The show was designed to overcome psychological resistance to critical information and to empower people using humor to overcome fear. The show has been enhanced by additional graphics. Many Inquiries and hearings have been held since this initial benefit show, as the 9/11 Truth Movement became a reality. The show was recorded live at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco on February 1, 2004.

David Rovics, the voice of the Global Justice Movement ties the themes together and closes the show with an inspiring vision. Professional comedians, Will Durst, Rene Hicks, and Bill Santiago make shrewd, funny observations about the war on terrorism, the war on Iraq, and the political leaders of the US. Drew Dellinger, a poet, performs two moving spoken word pieces. Take Back the Media’s flash movies are scathing indictments of the press’s failure to inform the public, and include both humor and shocking truths.

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