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Episode: IOTJ007 - Almost Broken, The Documentary & Movie.

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Almost Broken uncovers the injustice we call State Compensation Insurance Fund. We follow the life of Larry Nign, his fight for basic civil rights and the rights of other workers that fall into the pit of workers compensation.

While the country looks to California and their revised plan for injured workers, they need look no further than this man's life to see that backbone of American workers has been almost broken. The very strength that built this country has been cast into politics and greed condemning the injured to a life of poverty and pain not only for themselves, but also for the families that have stood by them.

Almost Broken was written and produced by an injured worker with what little she had from social security. Her own fight with survival, pain, and politics led her to find someone that had suffered longer and harder than herself. Together they pooled resources, called in favors, and made a documentary to encourage those that have been through this, inform those that have not, and to expose those that have put us here. Once and for all a voice to reach out and fight back, to stand up and speak out for their civil rights violated by a system designed to fail.

These voices working together with documents and truth will stand and speak for those too broken to speak for themselves.

What makes this different than most films is that through it all, the producers worked closely with other injured workers, encouraging them to find their own voice and to join others in a voice of peace and justice rather then pain and despair. In a matter of less than 4 months time, they had gone from individuals to thousands of voices united in one cause.

Friends and professionals that believed this story needed to be told, donated the services and time for this film. The combined effort of talents and sources bring together a powerful movie meant to set free those that are almost broken.

An award winning director, Malik Stalbert brought life to the film and editing. The music for the background is from Dustin Lane & Sherry Lee of The Clairvoyant Obscure. They are long time friends that have watched the deterioration of the producer over the last few years. Sherry Lee also contributed her talent as a photographer for some of the stills used in the film. More than just a film now but a family effort, the Nign family had say in every decision and every step of the way.

Steve Zeltzer interviews David Sweigert, a former security consultant to State Compensation Insurance Fund on the phone about the significance of this documentary and introduces the documentary movie.

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