Show: Injured On The Job

Episode: IOTJ014 - Come On, So Who's Really Crazy Here? Where's VIAW?

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If you can't come up with a defense for the criminal acts of your client, Smear him or her! So does Adventist Health Systems of Roseville, California who operates 20 hospitals around the country. Maybe they think that God has given them a special dispensation not to have to follow the laws that apply to everyone else.

Awards and orders of the court mean nothing to these people and if you try to stand up to them they will try to get you certified as crazy or at least that's what they tries to do to injured worker Barbara Clark. Justice may be blind, but federal judges are not, and they wern't born yesterday either.

The request by the Seventh-Day-Adventists to have a "guardian ad lightem" appointed for Barbara failed and the trial goes on and so does their exposure to the lawsuits. We took our cameras to the Federal Courthouse in Sacramento and spoke with Barbara's supporters who showed up to voice their disapproval at this latest tactic.

Our resident security specialist David Sweigert flies out to offer his view of the impact of this very important case.

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