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Episode: 0003 Will Roberts War On Woman

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Will Roberts’ Weekly Telegram is a political and social 2-3 minute segment in a Andy Rooney style behind the desk, Will Rogers humor-isk take on politics and social issues of the day. Will Roberts is a syndicated radio humorist (42 stations) with a different approch to subjects of our day. Fun, no malaise and NO RANTING! makes for a great Kicker and most of the time these spots are EVERGREEN. Will Also takes editorial suggestions if you need a segment created, just email

This week: The War on Woman! A War I would not want to have.

Washington... guys, listen
I know you think you know best; but remember the days when father knew best?  well those days have changed too.  see, we realize that dad would not make it to work on time, remember to eat his lunch, or even make it to work with the proper directions if it wasn’t for mom. 
I bet woman had a lot more to do with the success of men in history then we read. But you don’t hear about it because men put themselves in charge of writing the books.

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