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Episode: 0004 Will Roberts IRAN- NUKES OF HAZARD

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Well it's official our government is now investing a little time and money into a new project that I'm calling the Nukes Of Hazard! (slide)

a six-month deal to curtail any further new nukes from Iran

Now It’s not that I don't think that our government has good intentions with this deal, i believe they do. but I'm really not sure this should be a deal more than an intervention, a rehab program, a 12 step program . Cause I don’t think this Nuclear drunk that Iran has been on for years is going to be solved by giving them more money and taking the keys from mom and dads liquor cabinet. Remember probation … it stopped all drinking and production in public, but in private … bathtub Gin, a Still in every crooked basement, add with our trust of Irans nuclear past… bring on Elliot Ness & the inspectors …

When I was a kid I had a problem with fire, you know just matches… I’m fine now but, to this day even though I don’t really set fires (pause).. good thing. I still do Stare at a flame and become mesmerize and lose track of time…

Cause the last thing we want is for Iran to slip off the wagon or use the wagon to drag nukes to the nearest border.
See, IRAN, what you don't realize is that we here in the US of A know sneaky, we invented the phrase. So, Consider this 6 month “deal” as the ‘ t takes one to know one mission". because our current president may not be a cowboy, BUT he sure does have an itchy trigger finger …

I am Will Roberts (Staring at candle flame) … (Pause) and this is your weekly telegram

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