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Recently I saw a news story that said the small set of elections we had back like a month ago are still going on.. I guess its getting hard and harder to decided who’s the winners these days.. or less and less people are voting .. or politicians are finding more ways to cheat the system and us.

So I am going to get a jump on this whole voting thing and give you this Public Service announcement about Voting

First off I am noticing that we are more than event talking about politics in our everyday lives… Which is kinda odd seeing that it used to be

that someone would give you their opinion and IF you did not like it, you could say, “Hey, I don`t agree with you,” and both people would stop talking about that subject; they could agree to disagree.  its a standing rule among friends and family . . . don`t talk politics and religion, unless you know you share the same views, or you can remain civil.  However, then there was the birth or hatching Social media … try this little exercise … in a group of people ask out loud .. how many of you defriended or were unfriendfed on Facebook during the last elections. … Yea boy people have opinions .. and well they should.
but here the rub. Most of the time when I have a conversation with folks about politics where they have strong opinions, they are NOT even registered to VOTE and in most cases they won`t even vote. I`m not going to go into the reasons I have heard for this countrywide disease. I don`t like to harbor excuses, as Americans we just like action.

Sometimes it makes me sad when I read what folks write back to other folks on Facebook (Hatebook) . you know Four letter words that have nothing to do with solving anything. The only 4 letter word we want right now is VOTE

If you don’t like the parties start you own
But I will tell you History has shown how effective starting your own party has been, unless it is a tailgating party. Maybe the politicians would have been better off throwing Town hall Tailgating parties instead of campaign rallies. We would get feed, pumped up and in the end we could leave the politicians to clean up all the litter.

But all kidding aside, if our country’s  government does not work for you, then you can move to a country where they hold your beliefs and will allow you to live in the same freedom we have here in the USA. But good luck on that one.

If you want my opinion .. and my Free advice , best 4 letter word in the english launge .. FREE!

Maybe there will be less pol;iticans/lleek cheating in the voting system and more sportsmanship . sports womanShip ..

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