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Episode: 0005 Will Roberts Low Wages & Outsourcing

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Now every time I flip on the news and I hear that Jobs are at a all time low and our president has got to get on the ball and get Americans more jobs I wonder if folks are looking at this problem from the right angle (show made in labels) ( capital with label ) - see i am not sure how we could ever get jobs at an all time high when coporate America is anything but made in America.

Also, the jobs we are giving folks in our own country aren’t paying enough.. which means you have to have 2 or 3 jobs which means you less jobs for everyone looking. (Basic math) Now I don’t know if you all know but there is a little uprising among fast-food workers to get paid more an hour … …

Now some fast food big boys have tried to find a solution for their workers… like creating a budget - to help their workers out.

I don’t know why but it seems like this budget Idea that they brainstormed looks like it was created by a bunch of corporate big wigs in a breakout scission here: (maui) after a game of this (golf) and spending a lot of this (MONEY) I mean 0$ dollars on heat … Are you kidding its freezing out there!

To top this all off … when this budget plan does not work on paper .. it seems like the corporations are sending their workers to the government for assistants. plans, foodstamps, isn’t that socialisum ?

Lets band together to help these low paid workers get a higher pay rate so that we can countune to by 20 burgers for 99 cents and by the way supersize it oh then lets all meet here ( Doc in the box) I am Will Roberts (Apple)

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