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Episode: FJ043 - Can We Afford the Death Penalty? A Panel Presentation

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Can We Afford the Death Penalty? A Panel Presentation

Can We Afford the Death Penalty? The Loss of Compassion is Too Costly. A panel presentation on how the death penalty has failed us. To build a peaceful society, we are called to care for our neighbors and participate in their welfare. Retributive justice is not the justice which creates a peaceful society, but perpetuates the cycle of violence.

We can work together to reform our criminal justice system to become one of restoration. That begins at the top,abolishing the death penalty, which is actually the simplest step in this process. It is a man-made system, run by fallible human beings. We know it is imperfect.

We have the ability to contain those we deem are dangerous to society within our modern facilities. There is no excuse to continue the killing.

Compassion, healing, and restoration are the root of all our faiths, our government is the expression of the people; therefore we are currently participants in WA State death penalty system.

This is a unique opportunity to hear from experts in their arenas. The atmosphere is appropriate for those who are undecided and those who support the death penalty, along with providing useful educational materials for those who already agree that the death penalty should be abolished.

A bill will be introduced this next legislative session calling for the repeal of the death penalty, and leaving in place Life Without Parole. Right now we have the opportunity to stop the killing and the cycle of violence our own society perpetuates by condoning state killings.
Please make time to come learn how you can participate in creating a more peaceful, safe society for us all.

Compassion is our most powerful tool toward a peaceful society. Understanding and forgiveness will bring healing and restoration. Through education and awareness we can restore human dignity and honor life first by ending the death penalty, then by continuing to reform our criminal justice system into a restorative justice - for the benefit of all of society.

18 states have abolished the death penalty, and seven others have an imposed moratorium. 25 total are LIFE states.

The majority of countries who support human rights have abolished the death penalty, 141 according to Amnesty International.

All European countries, except Belarus, have outlawed the death penalty.

The majority of people who learn the realities behind the death penalty quickly see the need for abolition from many levels and perspectives:
-The majority of people who learn the realities behind the death penalty quickly see the need for abolition from many levels and perspectives:
-143 people have been exonerated from U.S. death rows since 1971 (meaning we are at risk of killing innocents, and we have already executed innocent people)
-it is morally wrong to kill a defenseless human being
killing someone to prove killing is wrong makes no sense
-it is arbitrarily and unfairly dispensed upon the poor, those with mental illness, low IQ, and other marginalized persons
-it is dispensed upon those who lack adequate representation - qualified attorneys
-it is racially disproportionate
-it is far more expensive to implement a Capital Punishment case than to incarcerate a person for a life sentence
-the FBI reports it Is not a deterrent
-we can free a person who is later proven innocent
-we cannot bring a person back from an execution. Cameron Todd Willingham is one person who was wrongfully convicted and executed

Washington State has the opportunity to repeal the death penalty this 2014 legislative session.

Links for ending the Death Penalty:
Sister Helen Prejean, author of the book Deadman Walking

Washtington State Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty

Fellowship Of Peace Foundation

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