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Episode: Frank Legge 2009 "What Hit the Pentagon"

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Frank Legge 2009 "What Hit the Pentagon"
The Hard Evidence Tour Down Under 2009
Sydney, Australia
November 14, 2009

A detailed presentation by Frank Legge of his (in)famous "Double Negative Pentagon Hypothesis."

Frank states: "The scientific hypothesis of the paper is that there is NO scientific proof that a Boeing 757 did NOT hit the Pentagon. I contend that this is a scientific exercise. I have looked for evidence that a Boeing 757 could not have hit the Pentagon and have not be able to find any that stood up to scrutiny. I further contend that this hypothesis still stands."
Tags: 911, 9-11, 9/11, Frank Legge PhD, Hard Evidence Tour Down Under, What Hit the Pentagon?,
Produced: 2009, Episode: FL-WHP, 57:27, Category: Education
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