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Episode: hummux 1999 “The Biological Weapon Origins of AIDS and the Blood Electrification Cure”

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hummux 1999 “The Biological Weapon Origins of AIDS and the Blood Electrification Cure”
The Tesla Society, 1999, San Francisco, CA

This lecture, based on “Emerging Virus” by Leonard Horowitz exposes the fraud of AIDs suddenly coming from monkeys in Africa. Horowitz’s research into the secret dealings of a huge network of Biological Weapons contractors supported by the World Health Organization (WHO), National Cancer Institute (NCI), and secret U.S. Congressional Hearings shows conclusively that the AIDs virus that was “discovered” in the 1980’s had been “invented” as a biological weapon in the 1960’s.

All this is not surprising when you find out that the head of the Nazi bio warfare program in Germany was brought to the U.S. in 1945 (Operation Paperclip) and paid $65,000 (a lot of money in those days) to head the U.S. bio warfare task force at the Navel Weapons Laboratory. Hundreds of key Nazis avoided the Nuremberg Trials and secretly went to work for the U.S. military after WWII!

Bob Beck’s work on blood electrification based on a suppressed medical breakthrough is described in “A Proposed Experimental/Theoretical Non-Invasive, Non-Pharmaceutical In-vivo Method for Rapid Neutralization of HIV virus in Human Subjects.” He points out that the FDA excludes “persons who manufacture devices solely for use in research and do not introduce such devices into commercial distribution” from regulation! So he just shows you how to do it yourself for free! His document can be found at

Tags: Tesla Society, Emerging Virus, Leonard Horowitz, Biological Weapons, Biological Warfare, Bob Beck, Blood Electrification, Electroporation, Neutralization of HIV in Human Subjects
Produced: 1999, Episode: HX-BIO, 58:06, Category: Education
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Episode Short Description: hummux 1999 “The Biological Weapon Origins of AIDS and the Blood Electrification Cure”

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