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Episode: Bongo Boy TV No1031

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Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll TV Show No.1031 - Presents Indie Music Videos from around The World. It's like watching MTV when it was cool. The episode show Music Videos from Indie artists like:
Radio Drive, featuring Kevin Gullickson are back for another week with 'A Taste Of Heaven'. This band from The United States song combines a strong melody, sweet riffs and a 1980's feel. Add to that some great visuals, and you have one dynamite video. previous ep.1030
A German entry, Hella Donna, featuring None Like Joshua (NLJ), the American rapper, offer 'Gimme Lights, Camera, Action'. An interesting fusion of elctro-pop and hip hop showcases this woman's great voice, and some wonderful video techniques.
Hella Donna has been seen on The Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll TV Show Ep. 1023
An English entry, 'Hard Heart' from Sharp Practise, is a wonderful blues song, with a video appropriately shot in black & white. There are way cool special effects, nice transitions, and some cool keyboards.
Another American entry, Rob Rise On Belief, gives us 'The Chosen One', is an amazingly interesting video. There is acoustic guitar, and dynamite vocals, that kicks into a way cool rock tune, with great guitar and wonderful harmonies. An incredibly powerful song.
Also from the United States, Saydah with 'Bound2Break', shows how to make a great music video. Amazing vocals, great piano, and some very cool synthesized horns, filmed in black & white. The minimal instrumentation keeps the focus on this woman's voice, as it should be. Courtesy of Wu Tang's Zu Films INC. Music Video Editor Cameron Starke. Writer Ephraim. Songwriter Saydah
Chand K Nova, delivers 'Solar Bliss' all the way from England. This is a way cool animated video, set amid an instrumental that showcases amazing guitar. All in all, way cool.Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram
Added to this episode, you lucky viewers, is a sample of Jana Peri's "Ballerina Of The Bowery", featuring clips of Jana, Gar Francis, and Kurt Reil, and a drop in spot by Bruce Ferguson of The Easy Outs. What else can I say. The show rocks.
Reviewed by International Indie Music Reviewer Bobby Gottesman, Canada I Can't Belief My Earz
The Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll TV Show series is produced by Monique Grimme & Gar Francis
Sponsored by the Indie Artists in this TV episode, by Dave Boogieman 11L Radio New York International and Bongo Boy Records
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