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Episode: David Ray Griffin 2008 “Was America Attacked by Muslims on 9/11?” PART 1

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David Ray Griffin 2008 “Was America Attacked by Muslims on 9/11?” PART 1

This gem was recently discovered in the Public TeleVision archives. David Ray Griffin at the peak of his career, this video has not been widely seen. Based on his book, New Pearl Harbor Revisited, update and corrections, David cogently and decisively takes apart the Official False Flag Theory that Muslims were involved in the attacks.

He asks 16 questions focusing on one issue: Was America Attacked by Muslims on 9/11? As you might imagine, he shows conclusively that the official version is a lie and all the war and killing that has ensued are truly a false flag operation to obscure the actual perpetrators.

It is instructive to view Christopher Bollyn 2014 “Israel Is Behind the 9/11 Attacks and Iraq Wars” for the recent research into who actually benefitted from the 9/11 attack. David Ray Griffin’s two books, New Pearl Harbor and New Pearl Harbor Revisited contain everything you need to know about 9/11!

This video was produced by Community Access Television Services of Bloomington, Indiana, on September 1, 2008
Tags: David Ray Griffin, False Flag, New Pearl Harbor
Produced: 2008, Episode: DRG-WAAM-1, 58:00, Category: Education
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