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Episode: 16: Takers, Makers and the 47%–The New Wave of Safety Netters Catapulting out of Poverty and Into New Age Entrepreneurs

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Discussion will focus on the New Breed of Social Entrepreneurs that not only use or vie for the ‘Safety-Net,’ but Utilize it as a means to Catapult Themselves Out of Poverty and into ‘Roles’ as New Age Entrepreneurs. Based on Dr. Olds’s years of Research–gone should be the stereotypes that ‘Once in Poverty-Always in Poverty’–which some in society have labeled as ‘Perpetual Takers.’ Instead, what Dr. Olds’s research has shown, is the ‘Presence’ of the Safety Net, whether it is used or not, has ‘Forged a Route’ that would not otherwise exist–a Route that can Catapult those in Poverty into new roles as Entrepreneurs. To ‘take a chance’ has always been the American Dream–to become creators–the so called ‘Makers’. Yet, the market forces of Today are Highly-Competitive–incomparable with those of years past when the first immigrants came to this country to make their way. Today, market forces are leaving those on the ‘Lower Economic Rungs’ with a much steeper ladder to climb. Whether disadvantaged by lack of Education, declining Health, or just plain Poverty–None of these should define one’s financial future. Most Importantly, Dr. Olds’s Research Data Shows that the Safety-Net is in fact, giving a Boost–‘Intended or Not’–to those ‘Willing to Take the Risk.’ New data shows the Safety-Net has become a Trampoline–there to help those who vie for it to reach new Heights–yet there to catch them when or if they should Fall. For without the Safety-Net, those wanting to Climb the traditional Ladder out of poverty Rung by Rung, would have No Way Out.

Most importantly, Dr. Olds will discuss how the Public Misconception that 47% of the Population are just Takers–‘preying upon’ the 53% of Makers is factually and statistically incorrect. In fact, his research shows this belief has always been a Stereotypical Artifice of a more Affluent and Privileged class. Discussion of Obamacare and other assistance programs will be discussed.

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