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Episode: 0048 The Health Reporter: S1/Ep02, Anxiety & Depression in Men; Senior Pet Care

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Three men/boys kill themselves every hour of every day. Would you recognize the symptoms if your husband, son or father is depressed? Men generally don't show the "classic" signs of depression. Men typically don't reach out for help or seek medical attention. It wasn't that long ago that actor and comedian Robin Williams shocked the world by killing himself. Even trained clinicians are less likely to correctly diagnose depression in men than in women. Find out the symptoms and causes leading up to depression in men, including "postpartum depression in men". Karen Owoc, The Health Reporter, talks with nationally-known psychologist and author, Dr. Will Courtenay, "The Men's Doc".

Share this lifesaving information with your community in the month of June for Men's Health Month. (Health & Fitness)

NOTE: This episode includes a 3-minute roll-in on "Pet Health" with veterinarian Dr. Glen Weber who shares how to care for your senior pet.

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