Show: Bongo Boy Rock n Roll

Episode: Bongo Boy TV No1055 - Hopeful

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We begin this episode with the titillating voice of French-born Betty Chrys with her song 'Dis-Moi' (meaning 'Tell Me') featured in a video of 'confessions'. This is a well written script with 'Chanel' quality ambience mixed in with an upbeat tempo for viewing pleasure in conjunction with The Team Pool from Switzerland.
Music Video Director: Michael Resin

Paula Boggs Band delivers some real impact for Humanity with their video 'Carinval of Miracles'. Lush greenery and deep, throaty lyrics only add depth to the heart of this creative composition which is directly the objective. This is a beautifully written piece.
Music Video Director: John Logsdon

If Instagram had a contest for 'best video' this one would be it. The film and lyrics by Nice, French Artist Xavier Boscher for his song 'L'origine de mon bien-etre' (The Origin Of My Well-Being) is truly lovely and delicate with clips of late evening footage and beautiful scenery focused on the object of his affection: his love. Also another Team Pool Switzerland Artist, Boscher has made his mark with this stunning piece!
Music Video Director: Michael Resin

I imagine this song by Bruce Lev ft Juice Lucafo (Jessica) titled 'Jessica' in this exclusive video debut this month features original family footage of Jessica herself. The song is a lullaby-sweet song with possibly one of the prettiest voices I have heard in a very long time. The piano in this combined with the lyrics would make anyone's heart swell. Simply beautiful.
Music Video Director: Bruce Lev

Swiss-born Michael Resin appears once again with yet another compelling and attractive video composition with 'Point of No Return'. The visual is stunningly graphic combined with Resin's emotional vocals. This is yet another brilliant Team Pool Label music film.
Music Video Director: Michael Resin

Benjamin Karmer in conjunction with The Team Pool Label from Switzerland has created a disturbing but extremely creative video titled 'Hannah' with a Discography/EDM beat that will bode really well in clubs globally. Albeit graphic, this is a very visually creative music video.
Music Video Director: Michael Resin

TV New Music Promo spots by Jon Mullane and his single “Body Rock” as his single is making its way to Asia this summer. The other new music promo spot is by Christian rock band Hizreturn and their focus track “Forever More” from their latest debut album Deliverer.

TV Sponsored Promo spots by Gypsy Poet Radio “Bringing Back The Golden Age of Radio & Hollywood To A New Generation”, True Tea Magazine “Never Late, Always On Time”, WHO is the singer.

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