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Episode: Bongo Boy TV No1057 What About You

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Bongo Boy Rock n 'Roll TV Show Presents Indie Music Videos From Around The World Ep1059 "What About You"
Languid, emotional, and dramatic is what sums up Orlando Florida Native Shayla Leighs’ video ‘Last Criminal’. The melody is intoxicating to say the least and compiled with vintage black & white scene shots it brings the entire Dramatic ‘Greta Garbo’ style experience into play. Beautiful film!
Music Video Director: Virginia Crawford
Web Site:

From Beverly Hills, California - Lunden Reign and their brand new music video "Love in Free Fall" (4k, Ultra HD Version)
The vocals on all Lunden Reign music videos are absolute dynamite! The Beverly Hills, California team have made no exceptions in their video ‘Love in Free Fall’ which is powerful song and video with stunning scenes packed with colorful punch throughout. It is always a thrill watching their videos and this one is no holds barred!
Album: "American Stranger" (Cleopatra Records)
Music Video Director/Editor: Jonathan Lawrence;
Web Site:

San Jose California based Xavier Toscano is truly the crème de la crème with his video ‘Apologies Wasted’: the sound is HIGHLY contagious and the video is very well orchestrated with brilliant dance moves and dramatic underwater action scenes. The song speaks of a love relationship but can definitely relate to anyone having a troubled relationship and is catchy, effective and sounds great with the bass turned way up.
Music Video Director: Benjamin Jones
Web Site:

The Mrs. Band has a message to get out to women and how they view themselves in today’s harsh and critical society and their video ‘You Told Me’ beautifully describes the pains of a mother watching her little girl grow up through epic scene changes from eras long ago to present. The vocals and lyrics are very solid with sentimental phrases throughout the song that target the heartstrings and what it is like to ‘shape our daughters’ through the obstacle we call life. Okay, I admit it, I cried: This is a very powerful and moving piece!
Music Video Director: Greg Olliver
Official Web Site:

Yona Pax creates pure ambience in her video `Pretre Rosso`(meaning Red Priest) in her native French accent. This is a dramatic and beautifully sung piece about love and change and is apparent in the connection you see throughout the video. The violin in this also lends an extra touch to this Artists lovely vocals.
Music Video Director: Roger Loubet
Official Web Site:

If happiness and sunshine could be captured in bottle it would sound something like Barley Stations ‘Younger Summer Memories’. The lyrics from the Missouri-based band are fun and light. The vocals combined with the instrumental lend candour and spark to this lovely video about young love and make it the perfect summer fun beach song.
Music Video Director: Poppy Zhu
Official Web Site:

When you first hear the few chords of Cory Charles’ (aka: Cory Lerios) song ‘If I Could Change Anything It Would Be You’ you think you are in for a delightfully soft romance ballad when in fact this is a deliberate poke at his ‘woman’ who clearly, is driving him up the wall. The vocals are soft and deliberate combined with instrumental of the same.
Music Video Director: Cory Lerios
Official Web Site:

TV Promo TV spot for Jon Mullane and his hot single going to Asia “Body Rock”. Released on Bongo Boy Records.
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The Bongo Boy Rock n’ Roll TV Show is produced by Grammy members Gar Francis and Monique Grimme and is fully funded by sponsorships from all the indie musicians and their affiliations in each episode and Bongo Boy Records. Bongo Boy TV produces and distributes the Bongo Boy Rock n’ Roll TV Show which spotlights indie music videos.

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