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What is Universal Compassion? - PSA (2:38)

Universal Compassion brings awareness and engagement in compassionate practices towards those beings who cannot speak of their right to live in peace.

Compassion is not the exclusive right of human beings. Just as we humans prefer to experience loving kindness and compassion, so too do the animals we consume as food or abuse and sometimes even kill for ''sport'', even though they cannot express this basic right.

The main focus as a movement is to ease the suffering of those helpless animals who are slaughtered for meat, ritual sacrifice, the cruel sport of hunting, or are abused in farms and industries and wherever they may suffer.

The long-range goals are global concerns, such as promoting world peace, interfaith harmony, protection and conservation of the environment, ''the mother earth'' giving a helping hand to destitute children in their education and programs of essential assistance, who would otherwise be left facing great difficulties to survive.

About - Venerable (Dr) Geshe Thupten Phelgye
Venerable (Dr) Geshe Thupten Phelgye has traveled the world promoting love and compassion for all sentient life and encouraging others to walk gently upon the earth with him. He is a member of the Dalai Lama's Tibetan Parliament in-exile.

For more information about Venerable (Dr) Geshe Thupten Phelgye and the work of Universal Compassion, please visit:

Diversity and Interfaith (58:00)

Diversity and interfaith cooperation, social and community service and Middle Eastern issues are discussed.

Geshe Phelgye relates his life experiences as a Buddhist monk and scholar to issues faced everyday by people throughout the world.

Universal Compassion - 3 Companion Shows
Including the show above there are 3 companion shows. COMPASSION FOR ALL (28:00), Diversity and Interfaith (58:00) and a PSA - What is Universal Compassion? (2:38). The descriptions for the other two shows follow, along with information about the speaker.


Experiences and awakening to deeper understandings of respect for all life is the theme of this show. Abstaining from supporting the killing of other living beings a significant path of this life. Adopting a plant-based diet can be one of the many steps along this path.

Everyone can learn to live the paths of love and compassion for all life and encourage other to walk gently upon the earth.
Tags: Compassion, Life, Peace, Love, Kindness, Farms, Harmony, Interfaith, Protection, Conservation, Earth, Mother Earth, Children,
Published: Nov 20, 2012, ID: FJ080
Category: Education, 2:38:00
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