Show: Computer Programming 4 Kids with Scratch 2 in HD and SD

Episode: #02 - Loops and Cartesian Coordinates

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Episode Description:

This is the 2nd of 27 TV show episodes to teach kids (about 5th grade and up) programming using Scratch 2.

This episode introduces:

1) Loops with four examples including examples to change the cat's color and to play piano and drum,
2) Cartesian Coordinates and
3) the Say Block without a time limit.

The children begin to work with loops in this episode. Loops are a critical part of programming as they perform repetitive actions. Loops are so important that the 6th show will have more loop examples.

Cartesian coordinates are introduced to help understand one way of placing and moving sprites on the stage. It's not critical that children understand this, but it is helpful for having more fun with Scratch.

Episode Short Description: Introduces loops, Cartesian Coordinates and the Say Block.

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