Show: Computer Programming 4 Kids with Scratch 2 in HD and SD

Episode: #04 - Variables, Events and Objects, and Napping Cat

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Episode Description:

This is the 4th of 27 TV show episodes to teach kids (about 5th grade and up) programming using Scratch 2.

This episode:

1) introduces Variables for all sprites ("For All Sprites" selection),
2) introduces Events and Objects,
3) shows uploading a backdrop image, and
4) shows changing a Variable's value with its monitor's slide bar.

Variables hold data values such as miles or a game's score total. Data is fundamental to programming since decisions are made based on data values.

This episode also introduces the concept of Objects. Objects are the collection of data and command blocks. Objects will be emphasized throughout this series. Learning about objects now gives a big advantage to learning other programming languages later, too.

Episode Short Description: Introduces variables for all sprites, events, objects, and uploading a backdrop image.

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