Show: Computer Programming 4 Kids with Scratch 2 in HD and SD

Episode: #10 - More If-Else Blocks and the Costume Center

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Episode Description:

This is the 10th of 27 TV show episodes to teach kids (about 5th grade and up) programming using Scratch 2.

This episode:

1) shows more If and If-Else blocks with five examples, and
2) shows how to set a sprite's Costume Center.

Several examples are given using the If and If-Else Command Blocks, including an example that changes the backdrop to one of several backdrops depending on which sprite the cat sprite is touching on the stage.

The last challenge shows how to change the Costume Center. The Costume Center specifies the point on the sprite that determines the sprite's location on the stage and is used when positioning a sprite with commands such as the "Go To" Block.

Episode Short Description: Works more with If and If-Else blocks, and shows how to set a sprite's Costume Center.

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