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Grease Car Conversion and The Big 5 alternative fuels
Wayne Auto Spa
Air Pressure 101
Natural Car Air Freshener
Host Transformation: Connie & Greg put a For Sale sign on their V10 pickup truck!

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the Newly Greens Gets Greasy! About half of NJ global emissions come from transportation. Join Connie and Greg as they take a look at the Big Five alternative fuel options for today’s cars. In this episode, Bio diesel, Hybrid, Electric, Fuel Cell, and Ethanol are explored as energy options assessing them for functionality, efficiency, and practicality. This episode is great for information about the Big Five, green tips, and explanations on different types of engines. Also, watch Greg and Connie set out on their own journey to revaluate their energy needs and apply greener solutions to their motor vehicles. They also visit the Wayne Auto spa for a greener way to spiff up your ride, and look at some auto themed tips in today’s O Goods segment.

Extreme Green Segment: Grease Car Conversion
Special Guest: Matt Hand

Greg joins Matt Hand for a hands-on exploration of engines run on straight vegetable oil and they discuss the somewhat related, and much more legal alterative, bio-diesel. Originally, diesel engines were designed to run on peanut oil and have been subsequently modified to use thinner more petroleum-based fuels. Because of this connection, a little ingenuity can go a long way to make any diesel engine run on straight veggie oil.

Bio diesel is considered a renewable fuel, able to be blended in any proportion with petroleum based fuel to lower emissions, and can be run in diesel engines without any modifications to the engine itself.

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