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Episode: Kevin Ryan 2016 “The Path to Truth and Justice”

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Kevin Ryan 2016 “The Path to Truth and Justice”
9/11 Truth Action Project Summit
February 6, 2016
St. Petersburg, Florida

A highlight of the 9/11 Truth Action Project’s Southeast Summit/Retreat Weekend was the ALL-STAR 9/11 Truth public presentation on Saturday Night, February 6, featuring AE911Truth Founder and CEO Richard Gage, AIA; civil engineer and physics lab video presenter Jonathan Cole, P.E.; along with 9/11 Truth pioneering researcher, former Underwriters Lab whistleblower and author Kevin Ryan.

Background: There were two regional gatherings in 2015. The Northeast region met in New Hampshire in August and the Western states met in Denver in October. At both of these get-togethers, we advanced our thoughts on how we could roll out our network and further its important work.

Bonus Clip: Seeking Understanding, AE911Truth presents the psychological aspects of 9/11
Tags: Kevin Ryan, Truth Action Project, Southwest Summit/Retreat, AE911Truth,
Produced: 2016, Episode: SES-KR-SU, Category: Education, 57:24
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