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Episode: Ken O’Keefe 20 March 2016 “World Citizen Solutions - HD” – Squeaky Clean

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Presented at Berkeley Fellowship Hall, Sunday 20 March 2016, Berkeley, California

Ken O’Keefe’s brand of fearlessness palpably spreads across the planet. He is a brilliant and articulate activist for mother earth and the unity of all people. His work cements a broad swath of americans who are now confronting their supremacism.
TRUMP TRUMP > Write In > Ken O’Keefe > President

For background on Ken O’Keefe, see this article by Craig McKee:
Cutting off the head of the snake: Ken O’Keefe on beating the bankers, Israeli brutality, and the 9/11 ‘gift’:
Ken’s colorful language has been removed from this Public TeleVision (PTV) version either by muting or clipping. What’s left is 58:00 minutes of squeaky clean Ken O’Keefe that you can show your grandmother and your kids.

The Full length HD version complete with colorful language is at:
Tags: Ken O’Keefe, Banksters, Israel Brutality, American Exceptionalism, The Chosen People, Supremism, Supremicism,
Produced: 20 May 2016, Episode: KOK-WCS-HD
Category: Education, 58:00
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