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This video is to help you understand how the Gatekeepers and the Controlled Opposition protect the official conspiracy theory. In “The Gatekeepers of 9/11,” Alfred takes us on a passionate and personal trip down his path to understanding 9/11.

The centerpiece of this presentation is a classic email dialog with Noam Chomsky himself, and Alfred’s deconstruction of Chomsky’s rhetoric. Controlled Opposition is also covered. And a personal video conversation with Christopher Bollyn. Wherein Alfred answers questions about the political predicament we find ourselves in as a result of the deception of 9/11 - and what we can do to rectify the global problem we all face.

His personal message to the American People: “Start a fight for your liberation from the Zionist [God of the Old Testament > Chosen People]. Their power lies in the money, secrecy and trickery [9/11 is a good example]. Your power is in your sheer numbers. And you’ll find the whole world on your side.”
Tags: Alfred Schaefer, Zionism, Gatekeeper, Controlled Opposition, False Flag, Deception, Chosen People, God of the Old Testament, Mossad
Produced:2014 , Episode:AS-GK-SD, Category: Education, 58:00
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