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Episode: Dane Wigington, et. al. 2014 “GeoEngineering Action”

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On July 15th, 2014, more than 400 citizens from Northern California rallied to create the largest attendance ever at the Shasta County Supervisors chambers. The purpose of the meeting was to present information that proves there is a very dire heavy metal contamination and UV radiation issue across the Shasta County region (and the world). Ten experts presented data to the board to confirm the legitimacy of the concerns being addressed.

The Air Quality Management District Board took a vote and it was unanimous to look further into the matter of nano aluminum environmental disaster caused by chemtrails, including a DEMAND for a response. The Shasta County board voted to send information from the meeting to the Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board, as well as legislators.
Tags: Dane Wigington, Shasta County, Air Quality Management District, The Shasta Decision, Geoengineering, Chem Trails, Weather Warfare, Morgellon’s,
Produced: 2014 , Episode: DW-GA, Category: Education, 58:00
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