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Role of the Public Intellectual - PSA - Trailer

Daniel Sheehan's 14 lectures on - The Role of the Public Intellectual - confront the issues of unjust structures and to come to understand that the only source of power that is going to push you to the absolute extreme limits of your intellectual capabilities to find peaceful solutions is a spiritual life. If you approach this secularly and seek out answers solely intellectually you will find that they do not exist.

Constrained by their State Boards of Regents and by their Private Boards of Overseers, respectively, State Colleges & Universities and the Private Colleges & Universities of Western Culture impose requirements upon the Professors teaching at their Institutions that compel them to promote beliefs to their students that support objectives and ideologies of the Nation State or the private financial interests of the private financial contributors who finance those private Institutions.

In Western Culture, these beliefs include: The primacy of the economic system of State Capitalism; the ideologies of Caucasian Racial Superiority and Female Inferiority; the belief in “Scientific Logical Positivism” and “Materialism” (even if these beliefs are often masked as the development of a superior capacity on the part of students to function “intellectually” in order to achieve “long range goals” rather than functioning “emotionally” to indulge “short term personal satisfactions”); and the indoctrination of their students in the dual doctrines of “Nationalism” and the legitimization of use of military force to achieve economic goals of the nation state. And, just as Political Public Office-Holders in State and Federal Governments feel constrained from sharing what they have learned in their positions until after they have retired from public office, College & University Professors inside State and Private Colleges & Universities oft-times feel “constrained” from sharing with their students their true conclusions about the academic subjects that they have spent a lifetime teaching until after they have achieved “Emeritus” status – at which time it is often “too late” to reach a student audience.

It is the goal of SANTA CRUZ COLLEGE, a “Free University”, to bring these truths to College & University students while they are still in the midst of their undergraduate and graduate school learning experience. This Course, “REALITY 101”: The Secret Science - The Relationship Between Consciousness and Political Action, brings you crusading Harvard Constitutional Litigation Expert and U.C. Santa Cruz Visiting Lecturer Daniel Sheehan outside of the constraints of the public courtroom and of the State University classroom, to share with you, as active and aggressively-seeking students, the truths that he has not been allowed to share with his audiences in America’s courtrooms or in College & University classrooms pertaining to the “secret” relationship between “Consciousness” and “Political Action” in Western Civilization.

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Published: Dec 17, 2015, ID: FJ105
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