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Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker Dorothy Fadiman has begun to offer her life’s work, film by film, online at no cost to programmers. One of her first steps is to re-release her award winning feature length film STEALING AMERICA: Vote by Vote to Community Access stations through this website

Why did she select this film to feature first? The upcoming November elections bear scrutiny. Various irregularities in the primaries this year have raised concern about the November 2016 Presidential and down ticket races. This film shines a spotlight on the reality of the last decade's most egregious examples of U.S. electoral insecurity. The film focuses on behind-the-scenes first person perspectives from the Presidential election of 2004 - plus revealing stories from other key races, beginning in 2000 through the present.

We invite you to consider broadcasting this story. If you broadcast it when it was first released, we feel it is time to offer it to your viewers again. As George Santayana said in his seminal work The Life of Reason, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Providing your community an opportunity to learn from the past, we hope they will be inspired to safeguard the future. Members of the Alliance for Community Media are on the front lines of grassroots education and are in a unique position to encourage their viewers to become aware of irregularities and respond when our democracy is in peril.

Dorothy is receptive to licensing the film pro bono should you wish to screen it as part of a fundraiser for your access station. Companion materials to foster community dialogue are available on the film’s website. Those resources include 14 shorts, that can be programmed between other schedules shows. Additional information about the film is available below. Thank you for your consideration of this opportunity. And please contact me if you have any questions.

The 14 shorts can be downloaded from vimeo as follows:
Can E-Voting Machines Be Trusted?
Computer Programmer Becomes Whistleblower
Election Rigging Made Easy
E-Voting Machines Disenfranchise Voters
How Can the Owner of the Team be the Umpire?
Mysterious Glitch Causes Votes to Switch
New Mexicans Unite to Promote Paper Ballots
The Shadow Side of E-Voting
The Silence of the Media
The Value of Paper Ballot Voting
Vote Tallies Reveal Dramatic Irregularities
Voting Theft in Action: An Election Night Saga
Was the Ohio Vote Count Ever Verified?
Why Don't the Democrats Fight Back?

The 14 clips can also be downloaded in mpegII format from

Thank all of you for your continued enrichment of programming on PEG and other community channels.

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