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Episode: FJ106 RR08 SD - Covert and Lesser Known Actions In and After WWII - Part 2

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FJ106 RR08 SD - Covert and Lesser Known Actions In and After WWII - Part 2

Certain families such as the Rockefellers, DuPonts, Harrimans gained immense wealth from the explosion of American industry under the Robber Barons. This translated into significant political influence, as clearly represented by the pro business administrations of the late 19th century, as well as the expansionist, imperialist foreign policy of the US State Department. However, the great depression led to the election of FDR, whose “New Deal” threatened the supremacy of the Robber Barons, which led to an attempted coup in 1934 where the titans of American Industry sought to overthrow a democratically elected President... on American soil.
Tags: Daniel Sheehan, Rulers of the Realm
Published: Oct 11, 2016, ID: FJ106 RR08
Category: Education, 58:03
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