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The JFK Assassination - A Complete Concise Theory - Part 1 of 3

- A must see! - The most complete and concise version of Danny's theory on the JFK Assassination.

American Constitutional Trial Attorney Daniel Sheehan presents his in depth research on the JFK assassination in two of his classes of his spring 2016 university course: 'The Trajectory of Justice in America – Rulers of the Realm'.

His autobiography, 'The Peoples Advocate', provides insights from the many other cases he has been involved with.

Sheehan traces his personal journey from his working-class roots through Harvard Law School and his initial career in private practice.

His early disenchantment led to his return for further study at Harvard Divinity School, and rethinking the nature of his career. Eventually his role as President and Chief Trial Counselor for the famous Washington, DC-based Christic Institute would help define his role as America's preeminent cause lawyer.

In The Peoples Advocate, Sheehan details “the inside story” of over a dozen historically significant American legal cases of the 20th Century, all of which he litigated.

The remarkable cases covered in the book include both The Pentagon Papers Case in 1971 and The Watergate Burglary Case in 1973. In addition, Sheehan served as the Chief Attorney on The Karen Silkwood Case in 1976, which revealed the CIA's Israeli Desk had been smuggling 98% bomb-grade plutonium to the State of Israel and to Iran.

In 1984, he was the Chief Trial Counsel on The American Sanctuary Movement Case, establishing the right of American church workers to provide assistance to Central American political refugees fleeing Guatemalan and Salvadorian “death squads.” His involvement with the sanctuary movement ultimately led to Sheehan's famous Iran/Contra Federal Civil Racketeering Case against the Reagan/Bush Administration, which he investigated, initiated, filed, and then litigated.

The resulting “Iran/Contra Scandal” nearly brought down that Administration, leading Congress to consider the impeachment of over a dozen of the top-ranking officials of the Reagan/Bush Administration.

The Peoples Advocate is the “real story” of these and many other historic American cases, told from the unique point of view of a central lawyer.

The Trajectory of Justice in America – Rulers of the Realm –
A History of “The 1%” and Their Influence on American Policy (Both Overt & Covert): 1776­-2016
University of California Santa Cruz

Lecture #14 - Daniel Sheehan - May 17th & 19th, 2016 - The complete JFK presentation - is in three parts, all a bit less than 58 minutes for public access TV stations to broadcast to their communities. Also, all 20 lectures of this course are available in ready to use formats for public access TV stations.

Rulers of the Realm - Course Syllabus

Rulers of the Realm - Course Lecture Archive

Watch the #14 Lectures as one 2:38 show

Learn more about Daniel Sheehan

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Published: Oct 13, 2016, ID: FJ106 RR14
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