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New in September

Barack Obama took office with plenty of political capital and good will to achieve far-reaching health care reform. But he spent heavily on the financial bail-out and stimulus plan. Special interests, with the help of Republicans and grassroots right-wing activists, saw blood in the water. With Democrats split between House versus Senate, Progressives versus Blue Dogs, can health care reform be saved? And what would constitute victory? Merrill Goozner, author and publisher of gooznews, and Sean Dobson, executive director of Progressive Maryland, comment. (Host: Mark Cohen)

Before Enron imploded in over-reaching and fraud, its lobbying largesse in state capitals ushered in an era of utility deregulation around the country. The promise was more competition and lower utility bills for consumers. The reality was a loss of public controls and sky-rocketing utility bills. Maryland joined the deregulation movement late. And, argues State Senator James Rosapepe (D-Dist. 21), it's past time for Maryland to re-regulate its electric utilities. (Host: Senator Jamie Raskin)

Labor film festivals, featuring stories of working people, are spreading globally, from Dublin to DC. The DC Labor FilmFest is in its ninth year, Director Chris Garlock says the Festival searches for entertaining films that get folks talking, like the hilarious, short film, “The Job”. (Host: Fred Feinstein)

Also this month… "The Man in a Van" and his participatory art project on surviving the recession... poetry by Carolyn Joyner ("Song") and Angie Chuang ("Serene") ... and rockabilly with The Kennedys.

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