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Episode: Ken O’Keefe 2016 “From the Olive Grove” SD – Squeaky Clean

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Ken OKeefe at Beit Zatoun, Toronto, Canada, Thursday 28 April 2016. All of Ken’s strong language has been clipped or muted, so you can show this to your kids or grand parents.

Toronto was Ken’s last stop on his recent U.S. and Canadian speaking tour. As usual his talk was uncensored and unscripted. There is always new material in each of his talks. Geopolitics, False Flag Ops, Moral Philosophy, World Citizen solutions and World Community.

Thanks to Barrie Zwicker and Chris and Robert from Beit Zatoun for organizing.

Beit Zatoun means “House of Olive” in Arabic (Beit is house in both Arabic and Hebrew and Zatoun is olive). This reflects the focus of their work: to bring peace and justice to Palestine and Palestinians and to use their space and resources to achieve the same goals in a broader global context.

Located in downtown Toronto, Beit Zatoun is a cultural centre, gallery and community meeting space that promotes the interplay of art, culture and politics to explore issues of social justice and human rights, both locally and internationally.
Videography and post-production by Vince Lerulli. Audio has clicks and some distortion present in the original.
Tags: Ken O’Keefe, Beit Zatoun, human rights, Palestine, Mark Passio, Rupert Sheldrake, Frank Lowy, Lucky Larry Silverstein, Oded Yinon, Promised Land, Greater Israel, Barrie Zwicker, Geopolitics, False Flag Operations, Moral Philosophy, World Citizen Solutions, World Community.
Produced: 2016, Episode: KOK-FOG SD, Category: Education, 58:00
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