Show: Peaceful Solution Character Education Program

Episode: 0007 PSCEP Stick To The Rules

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In this episode we will learn why it's so important to simply stick to the rules and you can't go wrong. Rules and Morals are the same - and they must be followed. Rules are set to keep us safe and to learn how to obey authority figures.
This episode continues to enforce the importance of ownership and how important it is to respect the property of everyone because everyone owns something. And rules also apply when it comes to using the possessions of others. If there are no rules, then people would tear things up and that would cause hatred, strife and war between even the best of friends. So rules are OK and they help make things run smoother, keep us safe from harm and danger and help protect our property as well. So, if we can learn to take care of our own things and also the things of others - then we can begin to learn the simple concepts of how to achieve peace in our lives and in the lives of others. And these lessons are meant for any age group because they are broken down in an easy to understand manner. So - let's get started, shall we?....

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