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PSA HD 031 5m38s - Select Quotes #4 - Chase Iron Eyes - Inaugurate The Resistance!

Select quotes from Chase Iron Eyes - at ''Inaugurate The Resistance!'' in Washington, D.C. January 21, 2017 on day 1 of the new administration.

''Chase Iron Eyes is a citizen of the Standing Rock Nation. Chase has dedicated his career to ending the legal and economic oppression of native nations and their citizens by implementing self determination on and off the reservations.

Chase also founded which helped lead an effort on behalf of the Oceti Sakowin - Sioux nation to regain control of PeSla, one of their most sacred sites in the Black Hills.

Chase's organization is largely responsible for all humanitarian aid supplied to the #NoDAPL liberation camp. Chase is a graduate of Strum College of law at the University of Denver. Please welcome one of our great leaders.'' - Introduction for ''Inaugurate The Resistance!''

Chase ran for the US Congress in North Dakota in 2016. His campaign website includes more about Chase.
at ''Inaugurate The Resistance!'' in Washington, D.C. January 21, 2017 on day 1 of the new administration.

The speakers at ''Inaugurate The Resistance!''
Chris Hedges - Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist, Activist & Author,
Jill Stein - 2016 Presidential Candidate, The Green Party,
Bryan Koulouris - National Organizer for Movement For The 99%,

''Inaugurate The Resistance!'' was part of Occupy Inauguration’s weekend of resistance, sponsored by the Green Party, Socialist Alternative, Occupy Wall Street, Movement for the 99%, and the Stein/Baraka campaign.
Full Film - 1:53:07 - of all the speakers:

Links to start of each person's speech:
Chris Hedges 6:25 -
Transcript of Chris Hedges talk -
Jill Stein 23:10 -
Tim Canova 44:25 -
Kshama Sawant 1:00:40 -
Chase Iron Eyes 1:18:00 -
Bryan Koulouris 1:38:0 -
Tags: Chase Iron Eyes, Attorney, Standing Rock Nation, Oceti Sakowin, Sioux Nation, NoDAPL, Native Nations, Citizens, Self Determination, Economy, Reservations, Humanitarian, Indians, Oppression, Congress, North Dakota, PeSla, Sacred, Black Hills, Inaugurate The Resistance, Resistance,
Published: February 22, 2017, ID: FJ120 IRQ4
Category: Education, 05:37
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