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Episode: Gage, Hulsey, Ketcham, Gruener 2016 “Exposing Scientific Misconduct, Seeking Justice for 9/11” SD

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Saturday 17 December 2016
Watertown Free Public Library
Watertown, Massachusetts

• Richard Gage, AIA, founder, Architects & Engineers for 9/11
• Dr. J. Leroy Hulsey, PhD, PE, SE, chairman, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Civil & Environmental Engineering department and Structural and Forensic Engineer.
• Peter Michael Ketcham, BS, MS, former National Institute of Science & Technology (NIST) mathematician and computer expert, 1997 to 2011
• Chris Gruener, LMHC, 9/11 Truth Action Project (

1. (00:10;00) Join A& & members for a rousing chat on how to achieve justice in the 9/11 case introduced by Richard Gage, AIA.

2. (10:39;16) Dr. Hulsey’s team is modeling the WTC #7 collapse without benefit of all NIST computer data — the public agency refuses to release it, claiming that to do so “might jeopardize public safety.” In case nobody noticed “Public Safety” has already be jeopardized. “Wider stairwells” was their technical response to 9/11.

We don’t want any of NISTs data. Of course we know their code is corrupted. For example, the steel in their model has zero thermal conductivity, so it can heat up locally instead of heat wicking away like in the real world.

Another huge error, by both NIST and the Truth movement, is to ignore the actual physical model fire tests done in 20XX. Before the supremacy of computers, people actually did physical tests! In these tests, using real fire, twice loaded, twice fueled, and twice ventilated fires caused the girders in the floor pans spanning the gap between core and shell, to sag 4 inches. In order to make the computer model “fail” they had to sag it 44 inches!

These full order-of-magnitude discrepancies can only be created by willfully fudging the data. In this case deadly, deadly fudging, as the false flag spy-op of 9/11 continues to consume millions of human lives.

3. (30:30;16) Fourteen-year NIST-insider Peter Ketcham will shed new light on that agency’s practices, culture and conduct.

4. (42:17;00) Finally, Chris Gruener will outline the new global grassroots 9/11TAP petition; target: 4 million signatures by 2021. has now grown to include the, the grassroots Truth Action Project and a legal action committee, the Lawyers Committee for 9-11
Tags: Richard Gage AIA, Dr. J. Leroy Hulsey PhD, Peter Michael Ketcham, Chris Gruener, NIST, Scientific Misconduct, Seeking Justice for 9/11,
Produced: 2016, Episode: GHKG-ESM SD, Category: Education, 58:00
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