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Episode: "Cuba, Libre?" (Part 1)

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Episode Description:

Part 1 of "Cuba, Libre?" shows Cuba as an glamorous tropical tourist destination in the years before Fidel Castro led a revolution that ousted the government of Fulgencio Batista which had been favorable to the U.S., and replaced it with a Communist government that was allied with America's nemesis, the Soviet Union.

This first half of the documentary also includes archival footage from the Castro revolution, the break in U.S.-Cuba diplomatic relations, the aborted Bay of Pigs invasion of the island nation, and the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

Part 1 concludes with Cuba as seen through the lens of Hollywood and how Americans who could not longer visit the island must have imagined it during the thirty year period of the Cold War that followed.

[Note to stations: In order to meet's limit on uploaded file size, "Cuba, Libre?" has been divided into two parts. (There is also a separate trailer file).

Part 2 picks up after the end of the Cold War and continues up to the present day. If you air Part 1 and 2 is a single hour time slot, just run then one after the other.

If you run Part 1 and Part 2 in different half-hour time slots, you should add a "To be continued" title clip at the end of Part 1.

If you are going to run Part 2 on a different day from Part 1, you may want to add a "Cuba, Libre? now continues after the end of the U.S.-Soviet Union Cold War" and/or run the film's trailer before airing Part 2.]

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