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Episode: Square Circle 5-18-17: Trump-Russia scandal, Trump intelligence leak, impeachment talk

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It's been a week of scandal and controversy for the Trump administration. A week after Trump fired FBI director James Comey, reports surfaced about a memo about a meeting between the two in February. Later in the week, the Justice Department appointed former FBI director Robert Mueller as special counsel to lead the investigation. And just today, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein testified beofre Congress.

Another big story this week was President Trump's alleged leak of classified intelligence to Russian officials. In a meeting at the Oval Office last week, Trump reportedly divulged sensitive information regarding an Islamic State terror plot.

And to top it off, the scandals of this week have brought the "i" word back into public discussion--that is, impeachment.

Mytheos Holt of the Institute for Liberty, Sasha Kaplan of, and political reporter James Rosen will discuss these issues and more on The Square Circle.

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