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Brace yourself, tonight's film may contain too much action and absurdity for the unrefined viewer to handle. We proudly present "Robovampire", a blatant Robocop ripoff straight from the heart of ancient china. An evil drug lord hires a Taoist to create vampires to guard his drug shipments. The lead anti-drug agent is killed, and turned into a robot-cop (complete with foil covered sports gear!). The super-vampire with the monkey mask is in love with a ghost. And that's not even the half of it! Our host also is killed in an unfortunate accident, and becomes Robohost. Robohost is programmed with the aid of the police training video "Sidearm or Shotgun?"

Midnight Masterpieces is an independently produced public access television program. We present the most fun/strange/obscure films that we can dig up from the vault. You never know what the next episode will bring (and quite honestly, neither do we), we have shown sci-fi, horror, western, and kung-fu movies in the past. When we find a movie that is fun and goofy enough we use it, no matter what the genre. We begin each episode with a brief introduction, in which we point out several of the films highlights. We occasionally interrupt each episode in order to share our thoughts on the film. Each episode runs 2 hrs in length and is best suited for late night viewing.

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