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BV 17-06 -- PSA 036 SD - Pacifistic Unconditional Loving Organic Gardener

Jacob Crouse singing this song - Modifers, was featured at the opening of the Brethren Voices show about Jarrod McKenna a teaching pastor of the West City Church, Wembly, Western Australia. Jarrod's performance - presentation - challenged the youth of the Church of the Brethren National Youth Conference to embrace their spiritual heritage.
See the full show here:

Jacob and several other youth at the conference were inspired to create the Dunker Punks Podcast. Dunker Punks is the name Jarrod McKenna used to describe the impassioned founders - Dunkers in 1708 - of the Church of the Brethren. The Arlington Church of the Brethren helped the youth create the Dunker Punks Podcast.

Check out the Dunker Punks Podcast website:

Jacob contributes to the Dunker Punks Pod. He and Suzanne produced Podcast #13: Communitas - about summer camp. Jacob's music opens the show with Modifers and closes the show with a toe-tapping new tune, covering an old camp favorite.

Jacob is a composer, producer, and musician from Washington, D.C. He has a Bachelor's degree in music technology from University of Central Missouri.

Jacob writes, records, and performs music with Mutual Kumquat, solo, and musicians from around the globe.

His music is featured on short films to rock halls to classical stages.

On Twitter Jacob is a musician, graffiti artist, culinary enthusiast, fashionista, trilinguist (spanish, engle, vulcan), olympic ping-pong gold medalist, and a realist.

Some of Jacob Crouse music and more is on his
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Published: Jun 19, 2017, ID: BV1706 PSA 036
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