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Episode: Springmann, Barrett, Hall 2017 “Terror”

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Following their 9/11 political coup, the neocons waged a planned, calculated war on Muslim states under the guise of protecting Americans from "terrorists." Their end game was to guarantee perpetual war and a heightened security state in the US. The panel will expose the real purpose of "terrorism," and show how the Left can resist these manufactured wars and fabricated heroes.

Michael Springmann, the diplomat-whistleblower, reveals how the CIA secretly issued visas through US embassies and consulates to produce trained-in-the-US terrorists just as they did with the alleged 9/11 "hijackers." Springmann will discuss the long-term, continuous US policy to destabilize and destroy sovereign states throughout the world.

Dr. Kevin Barrett, an American Muslim and Islamic Studies scholar, is one of the best-known critics of the war on terror. Kevin will share insights into the role of the West in these fraudulent wars.

Dr. Anthony Hall will explain how the transformative events of 9/11 draws on a heritage of ethnocentric contempt for otherness in which a trajectory of US imperial thuggery continues to this day.
Tags: Michael Springmann, Kevin Barrett, Anthony Hall
Produced: 2017, Episode: MS+KB+AH-T, Category: Education, 58:00
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