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PSA 066 3m35s - 1930s - Town Life

Visionary documentary that contrasts the conditions of life in small towns and in the industrialized cities, starting with a brief portrait of pre-industrial United States, then moving into the modern chaotic, industrial and commercial city to reflect on the effects of this environment on family life and the raising of children, and finally proposing a return to a simpler life, in towns designed to nurture everyone of the town.

The commentary and music of the film are by two iconic American originals.

Commentary by Lewis Mumford the famous writer on humanity - and better ways and better places to live, what he called organic humanism. The importance of fresh air, nutritious food, clean water, comfortable spaces for people to thrive. He encouraged the sharing of information and ideas with all humanity. Mumford coined the word, technics, which technology is a part of, along with art, skill, dexterity - the interplay of wishes, habits, ideas, and goals.

Music composed and conducted by Aaron Copland. With his optimistic enthusiasm and determination he evolved his music to be useful, artistic and inspiring - making contact with as wide an audience as possible.

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Tags: Lewis Mumford, Aaron Copland, City, Nature, Urban Planning, America, Nurture
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Published: Oct 16, 2017, ID: BWFL 047b
Category: Education, Duration 3:25
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