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Episode: Fidel Castro 1994 “World Solidarity with Cuba”

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Fidel Castro in his prime, providing an excellent example of his wit, idealism, and analysis.

This is offered particularly to those under the spell of U.S. propaganda's demonization of Castro, to see and hear Fidel for themselves. Fidel explains the US has been making cruel economic war against Cuba, not only refusing to trade with it, but using its great power to prevent most other countries from trading with Cuba, and resorting to tactics of assassination and persistent subversion.

Fidel talks of the Cuban government's deep commitment to principle, like how during their revolution they never resorted to torture or mistreatment of prisoners to gain information.

This is all the more ironic with the US eventually choosing Guantanamo to carry on torture against Muslims. Fidel here addresses an appreciative World Solidarity with Cuba Conference in Havana, November 1994.

His 2 hour speech is seamlessly edited to about an hour by the late Dale Trescott as directed by Joe Friendly from video shot by Joe Friendly and by TVMarti, Cuba's television production group. 

The photo of Joe and Fidel was taken in 1992. Joe was on his first visit to Cuba, with some medical experts to advise Cuba on medical problems resulting from malnutrition, apparently the result of US targeting particular Cuban crops.
Tags: Fidel Castro, Joe Friendly, Cuba
Produced: 1994, Episode: FC-WSC HD, Category: Education, 58:04
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Episode Short Description: Fidel Castro in his prime, providing an excellent example of his wit, idealism, and analysis.

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