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Episode: PSA 1m30s - Structural Violence - FJva145 - PSA 094

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PSA 1m30s - Structural Violence - FJva145 - PSA 094

Structural violence is a term commonly ascribed to Johan Galtung. It refers to a form of violence wherein some social structure or social institution may harm people by preventing them from meeting their basic needs. Because structural violence affects people differently in various social structures, it is very closely linked to social injustice.

James Gilligan defines structural violence as ''the increased rates of death and disability suffered by those who occupy the bottom rungs of society, as contrasted with the relatively lower death rates experienced by those who are above them''.

Bandy X Lee wrote in her article Causes and cures VII: Structural violence, ''It refers to the avoidable limitations society places on groups of people that constrain them from achieving the quality of life that would have otherwise been possible. These limitations usually originate in institutions that have authority over particular subjects.'' She goes on to say that it ''directly illustrates a power system wherein social structures or institutions cause harm to people in a way that results in maldevelopment or deprivation''. Rather than the term being called social injustice or oppression, there is an advocacy for it to be called violence because this phenomena comes from, and can be corrected by human decisions.

Although structural violence is said to be invisible, it has a number of influences which shape it, including discriminatory laws, gender inequality, and racism.
Two shows were made for Structural Violence.
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Structural Violence
Tags: Structural Violence,
Published: May 31, 2018, ID: FJva145 PSA 094
Category: Education, Duration 01:30
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Episode Short Description: The meaning of Structural Violence is explained.

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