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Tonight we venture underground into the frightening depths of the manors catacombs while enjoying ''Graveyard Disturbance''. A series of poor decisions results in a group of juvenile delinquents being on the run from the law and finding themselves spending the night in a graveyard. After finding the graveyard's tavern they make a wager, and find themselves trapped in the underground tunnels beneath the graveyard. Encounter lonely zombies, demonic tea parties, and countless other horrors in tonight's frightening feature film!

** The quality of the show has increased a great deal over the course of the show, so we recommend starting with newer
episodes and working your way back!
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Midnight Masterpieces is an independently produced public access television program. We present the most fun/strange/obscure films that we can dig up from the vault. You never know what the next episode will bring (and quite honestly, neither do we), we have shown sci-fi, horror, western, and kung-fu movies in the past. When we find a movie that is fun and goofy enough we use it, no matter what the genre. We begin each episode with a brief introduction, in which we point out several of the films highlights. We occasionally interrupt each episode in order to share our thoughts on the film. Each episode runs 2 hrs in length and is best suited for late night viewing.
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Episode Short Description: A series of poor decisions results in a group of juvenile delinquents finding themselves spending the night in (and underneath) a graveyard.

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